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Wedding Ceremonies

Need an Officiant?

Rev Doyle McPherson is liscened in the state of Ohio to officate weddings. I can do costumised wedding ceremoneies to fit your needs. I followthe belive that when a couple loves each other and wants to be joined in marrared they should have the right to do so no mater what the situation. Email me at to check availiblitiy a prices.

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Spiritual Healings

•Schedule a spiritual healing secession with Rev Doyle. One of our healings may contain Contemporary Reiki, Ni kawa Reiki, and Trans healing. Many of out techniques may include Crystals, and pendulums. Each secession last one hour. 

•Cost is $75 for the hour.

Reiki Treatment
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•Psychic Readings

Schdule your reading with the Temple of Ancient wisdom own Nerdy Mystic. These reading can be done in person, by phone or by Zoom meeting. Contact her thru Temple Email or thru the Nerdy Mystic just click on the link below

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Come to the Temple and learn

We offer multiple classes to help you with your spiritual path!

Classes include subject like Reiki Healing, Pendulums, Crystals, Tarot and classes to help you explore your Intuitive gifts. Check our event page for when we offer classes. If there is any class we teach that is not on the schedule contact us so we can schedule the class for you.

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