•Reiki I & II

Start your path to become a Reiki Master

•Reiki is a hand-on healing technique that uses chi or life force energy to help facilitate the healing process. This is a client centered workshop that covers topics from traditional Usui Reiki to more contemporary techniques. We focus on the on client care as well as care of the healer. Each student will be attuned to the Reiki energy and can begin working on clients after the workshop. Please bring a notebook, pen or pencil, and a willingness to learn. 

•Cost is $300


• Tarot  101 Workshop

Enjoy a Peaceful Stay

•Ever wanted to learn to read tarot cards! Now is your chance! When you walk out of this workshop you will be able to start doing reading for yourself or for your friends. Tarot is a spiritual tool that is used to communicate to Spirit. I can help walk this spiritual journey.  You will learn a brief history, meanings for the cards, and how to read full tarot spreads.

•We do ask that you register for the class via our email.

•Cost is $75

Psychic tools.jpg

•Begin Psychic Work 1

Food for Your Soul

•This is a one day workshop that is sure to boost your communication with the Divine. We will cover subjects from Meditation to Divine Message work. We will introduce you to your Spirit Guides and Teachers. Immerse yourself in you Spiritual Path of development.

•Needed: Notebook and pen
Cost: $75
Please email us to sign up for this class. Space is limited.


Crystals Workshop

This work shop teaches you how to use Crystals in your everyday life, and what crystal works best that will fit your needs. 

•Needed: Notebook and pen
Cost: $75
Please email us to sign up for this class. Space is limited.


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